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About Us

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About Us
  • Valsad District Central Co-op Bank Ltd. (VDC Bank) has come into existence in the year 1965 and was earlier erstwhile part of Surat District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd. before the formation of Gujarat State in 1961 and Valsad as a District. VDC bank with a branch strength of 40 is having privilege of working in prosperous regions of South Gujarat viz. Valsad, Navsari, Dang District with a branch in the UT also. Shortly, one more branch will be added at Saputara, which is upcoming hill station and tourism focussed place. The Bank is having elected Board and exercising a good governance practices at the Management level, which has been instrumental in sustainable growth and profitability year on year. The Bank is having 0% Net NPA since last five years and is enjoying a good reputation amongst the KCC customers with about 90% KCC holders serviced by the Bank in the region. Under the leadership of the Chairman and the Board of Directors, the Bank has grown leaps and bounds in the past 20 years from a business mix of 18070.60 lacs and profit of 56.36 lacs to a whopping Rs.83946.18 Lacs and Rs.350 Lacs showing a growth of nearly 364% in business mix and 521% in profitability comparing statistics of 1995-96 vis-a-vis 2014-15.
  • Financials in a nutshell (Amount in Rs. In lacs):
  • PACS/ SOCIETY Serviced by the Bank
    Presently, VDC bank services nearly 1350 societies out which there are nearly 221 Primary Agriculture Credit Societies. There are nearly 15 different types of societies being catered by our Bank such as Credit Societies, Sales & Supply, Teachers Societies, Jangal Mandli, Employees Society, Industrial Society, etc. to name a few. There are few PACS which are functioning as good as a corporate entity such as Amalsad PACS, Maroli PACS, Gandevi, Nagdhara, Gadat, etc. which have set exemplary standards.
  • Products/Services
    VDC Bank provides all types of deposit accounts viz, Current, Savings, Term Deposit, Recurring, etc. and Loan Products for Agriculture and Non-Agriculture purposes for various tenures – Short term, mid term and Long term and NABARD assisted or promoted Projects. Further, the Bank also provides support for government sponsored programs promoted by various Agencies. The Bank has almost all types of products looking to the demand in the region and some tailor made for specific needs.
  • Technology Focused
    VDC Bank has implemented CBS under the NABARD facilitated program and TCS is the ASP partner for the CBS project in the Bank. Currently all the 40 Branches have been hooked up on CBS platform and the Bank is providing full-fledged CBS services to the customers at all 40 Branches viz. Inter Branch Transactions, RTGS-NEFT, SMS Alerts, CTS 2010 standard cheque personalization, etc. Shortly, the Bank will be providing Rupay ATM Cum Debit Card and Rupay KCC Card, IMPS, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services. VDC Bank is committed to implement newer and better services using the latest technological advancement.
  • Audit
    The Bank has been having concurrent Audit as well as HO inspection team to carry out the Audit at the branches. All the 40 branches there are minimum twice inspection done by the HO team and concurrent audit done at frequent intervals as per the size of the branch.
  • PACS Audit
    VDC Bank is the first to have Audit done at the PACS level by a separate auditor which is different than the statutory audit done by the PACS. These PACS audit is exclusively done as per the parameters decided by the Bank to ensure that there are always healthy practices being followed at the PACS level and no imbalances, diversion, etc. of the funds.
  • Referral Business
    The Bank has tied up with Exide Life Insurance as its referral partner and is promoting the products and services as offered by Exide life to its customers. A new stream of income has been generating due to this tie-up and with newer business and premium renewal, the bank will be consistently generating income over a long period of time.